Vertebral subluxation and nervous system

Do you know what makes our body work? It’s what makes our heart beat, what allows us to breathe, digest food, and move our hands and feet… our life generator: the nervous system.

What is the nervous system?

what is the nervous system scheme

The nervous system is the complex machinery that gives life to our body. It is made up of the brain, the spinal cord and the billions of nerves that act like an electrical network in the body. Their task is to transmit vital information from the brain to all our cells, muscles and organs.

If we want to live in health, it is essential that our nervous system functions at its best. That means that there is no interference in the communication between the brain and the body, and that the nerve impulses arrive with 100% efficiency.

human body vertebrae scheme

Thus, the cells will regenerate healthy, the organs will work properly and our immune system will be strengthened. The result is a vital, healthy and balanced person.

The chiropractor is a specialist in correcting vertebral subluxations (interference of the nervous system) so that we can live in health.

Vertebral Subluxation

A vertebral subluxation is what is known as “impingement.” It happens when a vertebra shifts from its normal position, “strangles” the nerve that passes through it and interferes with the transmission of nerve impulses between the brain and the body.

The vast majority of subluxations do not produce physical pain as only 10% of the nerves are associated with pain fibers. However, their damaging effect is immediate, weakening the body and its performance at all levels.

The main causes of subluxations are:

  • Bad posture (sitting or standing for long periods of time, working at the computer, sleeping on the stomach, etc.).
  • Falls and accidents
  • Difficult birth for the baby
  • Complicated pregnancy or difficult delivery for the mother
  • Day-to-day stresses and strains
  • Concerns
  • Toxins (tobacco, pollution, poor diet, etc.)

The specialty of the chiropractor is to detect and correct vertebral subluxation, restoring the body’s innate ability to recover.