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Advanced Customized Test

The Chiropractic

In the first visit a series of tests are performed to check the condition of your spine and nervous system, and see if Chiropractic can help you.

The visit includes a series of physical tests, a thermographic scan (CORE Score) of the spine, a health history and a physical examination. All of these tests are performed at our chiropractic centers in Barcelona as well as in our chiropractic center in Tarragona.

It is only through this first visit that we will be able to know well what is your level of health, and if we can help you with your particular case.

Once all the necessary health information is gathered, we prepare a report that you will pick up on your second visit. If we confirm that we can take your case, chiropractic care can begin immediately.

If you have any questions or doubts about your health, you can call any of our LinQ centers and we will attend you personally.

Chiropractic and your well-being

Every year millions of people enjoy the benefits of Chiropractic, the most widespread natural health profession in the world.

chiropractic wellness

Chiropractic helps us to function better in every way. The vast majority of its users feel better, recover faster and minimize the use of medications and surgeries. Many of those who use Chiropractic notice that they manage stress better, have more vitality and enjoy more of their day to day.

chiropractic session

Its training is university and lasts a minimum of five years. Although in Spain it is not yet recognized as a health profession, Chiropractic is established in more than 70 countries and has a group of approximately 90,000 professionals and a great international recognition, especially in the U.S. and Anglo-Saxon countries.

In this video Dr. Marcelo Ruiz performs a chiropractic adjustment.

Detection, correction and prevention of alterations of the neuro-musculoskeletal system, especially the spine and the effects produced by these disorders.

Chiropractic is based on common sense and basic principles. We start from the fact that the human body is made to heal itself as long as it is in BALANCE.

The chiropractor works with his hands, aligning those vertebrae of the spine that are displaced. His goal is to optimize our quality of life, restoring balance and normal functioning of the nervous system.

The 5 Pillars of Chiropractic

  1. A body in balance can heal itself as health comes from within.
  2. The nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) controls and coordinates all functions of the body. Every aspect of our lives, both physical and emotional, always depends on the perfect connection between the brain and the body. The spinal cord and nerves (nervous system) are the main conduit of impulses between the brain and the body.
  3. The spinal cord passes through the interior of the spinal column, which acts as its protective helmet.
  4. When the spine loses its normal alignment, called “vertebral subluxation”, it interferes with the functioning of the nervous system, impairing the body’s health.
  5.  When the chiropractor corrects the vertebral subluxation, he eliminates the interference of the nervous system and allows the person, made to live in health, to function to his full potential.

This video explains how Chiropractic helps us to achieve balance and wellness.