Chiropractic for pregnant women

In pregnant women, chiropractic helps prepare the body for childbirth, reducing muscle tension and ensuring greater mobility and better alignment of the pelvis. Moreover, it contributes to the proper development of the fetus and facilitates the proper placement of the baby in the mother’s womb before birth.

benefits of chiropractic for pregnancy

During pregnancy, physical and emotional changes are constant. With chiropractic your body will adapt to all these changes more easily, and you will enjoy a healthy and balanced pregnancy. Chiropractic adjustments will help you release muscle tension and relieve back discomfort as the fetus grows. By affecting the nervous system, they will also help you relax and improve your rest. And, in general, you will achieve greater well-being throughout the process, which will allow you to get on with your daily life more easily.

chiropractic for pregnancy helps the body to prepare for childbirth

But the greatest benefit of chiropractic during pregnancy is that it helps your body prepare for childbirth. The role of the chiropractor is to restore pelvic balance and proper function of the sacral area, which will benefit when it is time to give birth. One of the keys to childbirth is the positioning of the pelvic girdle (pelvis and sacrum) before and during childbirth. It is also important that the pelvis has good mobility and is well aligned, for which chiropractic is particularly effective.

In addition, thanks to the Webster technique, your baby will have more room to develop and arrive at delivery well positioned.

What is the Webster technique?

It is an effective and safe chiropractic technique that helps balance the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis so that the baby finds the optimal position for birth.

In a study of a group of pregnant women diagnosed with fetal malpositioning, the fetus was correctly positioned in 82% of cases after receiving chiropractic care with the Webster technique (JMPT).

Chiropractors receive specific studies on the Webster technique. In our LinQ centers we have years of experience applying this technique successfully and safely. We love to help our clients live their pregnancy with more comfort and peace of mind, preparing them to have a faster, more comfortable and safer delivery. If you have any questions or want more information, please contact us.

Benefits of chiropractic in pregnant women:

  • Helps adaptation to the physical stress of pregnancy
  • Relieves and/or eliminates back pain
  • Improved rest
  • Improves space for fetal growth
  • Facilitates good fetal positioning
  • Contributes to a faster, more comfortable and safer birth

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