Chiropractic for athletes

Practicing any sport requires to be in optimal conditions to achieve maximum body performance, because although sport offers many health benefits, sometimes its practice may involve some risks. That is why chiropractic for athletes is presented as a great ally.

Why should athletes try chiropractic?

Chiropractic for athletes is presented as a competitive advantage used by more and more beginner and professional athletes, and this is because it excels in the following:

benefits of chiropractic for athletes

Prevents injuries

Reducing the risk of injury for athletes is a somewhat arduous task because it involves a number of factors, some of which are difficult to control.

However, regular care provided by a Chiropractor helps to combat several of these factors, such as increased neural tension, restricted joint movement and muscle shortening, etc., thus decreasing the risk of contractures, tears and/or inflammation in the tendons.

chiropractic for athletes prevents injuries and helps to recover

Helps in recoveries

Chiropractic stands out for offering effective treatment for spinal problems (cervical, dorsal and lumbar), but its benefits do not end there.

The chiropractic adjustment is known to be appropriate for various problems affecting both upper and lower extremities, e.g. knee pain, ankle sprains, shoulder pain, iliotibial band syndrome, patellofemoral dysfunction, etc., as it can help optimize both physical function and range of motion.

Optimizes performance

Good performance in sports usually depends on several factors, including training, nutrition, genetics and psychological variables, as well as the function of the nervous system.

And by having both spinal care and nervous system function at its core, chiropractic can offer great benefits for improving athletic performance. For example:

  • Optimizes joint mobility.
  • Optimizes muscle flexibility.
  • Increases muscle strength.
  • Increases the speed of certain movements: for example, kicking in soccer.
  • Optimizes balance (improves equilibrium).
  • Optimizes muscle activation time.

These elements help to achieve better performance in any sport, while reducing the risk of injury and optimizing overall body function.

What does the chiropractor offer for athletes?

Chiropractors, specializing in locating and correcting problems of the nervous system, spine and joints caused by vertebral subluxations, can:

  • Advise on the physical consequences of the sport to be practiced according to the conditions and physical condition of each athlete.
  • Assist in the prevention and care of sports injuries.
  • Provide personalized follow-up during sports practice.
  • To promote the performance of athletes.
  • Work on body flexibility.

What are the benefits of chiropractic for sports?

Proper and specific sports chiropractic care allows people who play sports to have fewer injuries and vertebral subluxations. Therefore, regardless of whether they practice low-impact or high-impact sports, chiropractic can offer the following benefits:

In track

A growing body of research suggests that runners with joint problems often see their symptoms diminish after receiving chiropractic, allowing them to maintain their training mileage and even increase it.

In soccer

Many soccer players often report relief from chronic groin pain experienced as a result of playing soccer after receiving chiropractic care for a few weeks and performing specific exercises recommended by specialists.

In basketball

Periodic chiropractic care is helpful for basketball players looking to increase their flexibility, strength, balance, speed and range of motion.

In tennis

It is known that many of the tennis players who opt for chiropractic achieve considerable relief from the discomfort caused by “tennis elbow“.

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