Chiropractic solutions for you

In our LinQ centers we help you to optimize your quality of life.the functions of your body – physical and mental – can improve when the nervous system is free of interference, this is the work of chiropractic.

All human beings should try chiropractic.
chiropractic testimony teresa

“I discovered chiropractic more than 6 years ago thanks to a friend. I went there mainly because of back pain, which was the result of other physical problems, which were reflected in the spine.

Since I have been adjusting regularly, my back pain has completely disappeared (even at times when I have not been able to adjust). In addition, I have become more aware of my body, I no longer take any medication and I feel great.

Chiropractic has definitely changed my life because thanks to the adjustments I have been able to solve many physical problems, I suffer less stress, I notice more mental agility, I have gained flexibility and youth.

I believe that all human beings should try chiropractic, even if they do not have any ailments: simply to further improve their quality of life.

In my case, I feel very grateful for having discovered chiropractic, but above all, happy. For 6 years now, I feel that I am gaining years of life.”

It has changed my life
chiropractic testimony lola

Lola is a pharmacist, has been getting adjusted regularly for more than 10 years and tells us how chiropractic has helped her in her daily life: “When I arrived, I was very ill with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and a frozen left arm. In addition, I had depression and could not walk for more than 30 minutes.

Chiropractic has changed my life. I am a different person now. I overcame depression and physically I am much better. I have stopped taking painkillers and my immune system is strengthened.

Chiropractic is basic to health. I am very grateful.”

I am someone else
chiropractic testimony jordi

Jordi is an image technician and has been in chiropractic care for more than 5 years. This is his story: “When I started coming here I was in a very complicated moment in my life, and I went on the internet to get information and decided to try it.

At that time I had been suffering from severe vertigo, dizziness and neck pain for 5 years. In addition, I had a herniated disc that affected my mood a lot. I always had to take sick leave from work, I made continuous visits to the doctor and I had to take medication… and every 2 or 3 months I had a relapse.

From the first sessions with chiropractic I noticed such a big change that from the first month I started to be another person… it had been years since I had felt so good!”

At the postural level, the change was 100%
chiropractic testimony mariana

Mariana has been adjusting for more than 7 years and tells how chiropractic changed her life: “Before I could hardly sleep at all, I was not well in my mood and at work, because I was always stressed and in a bad mood. In addition, I had spinal contractures and cramps in my legs when I slept.

Since I’ve been here the change has been great! Physically I feel good, I feel like doing things and have more vitality. On a postural level the change was 100%; now I am aware of an incorrect posture and I can correct it myself. I go to sleep without cramps in my legs, and I fall asleep right away feeling calm and relaxed. thank you all very much!”