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LinQ is a group of chiropractic centers, located mainly in Barcelona, with a team of highly qualified professionals and a great experience in the world of health and chiropractic. We are characterized by offering a professional and, at the same time, very close and familiar treatment: our goal is to help people, whatever their age and condition, to improve their health and obtain a better quality of life in a pleasant and trustworthy environment.

We treat from newborns to seniors, through children, adolescents and adults, prioritizing their particular needs and looking for their well-being.

Regular reviews and careful observation of the evolution of each case allow us to adapt the care plan according to the progress shown. We have more than 8 years of successful experience with entire families, pregnant women, athletes, elderly people, children… 

We complement chiropractic care with personalized recommendations to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time, as the active participation of clients in their own recovery is key to better outcomes.

Why choose our chiropractic centers?

barcelona chiropractor group of centers

In our centers we offer a very complete first visit to evaluate each case thoroughly, which allows us to adapt the chiropractic treatment to the specific needs of each person and achieve faster and more effective progress.

barcelona chiropractor custom recommendations

We accompany clients throughout the process, giving them recommendations that are easy to apply in their daily lives, such as advice on postural hygiene or specific exercises, among others.

chiropractor barcelona problem solutions

Often people come to our centers frustrated because no previous treatment has helped them and, with chiropractic adjustments, little by little their lives are transformed: they leave the pain behind, and regain the energy and vitality they had lost.

Phases of chiropractic treatment

Phase 1: Corrective

In this first phase, a higher frequency of visits is recommended to achieve a quick and effective solution. The objective is to recover the proper functioning of the spine and release the pressure on the nervous system. Gradually the person begins to notice changes, such as a decrease in pain, greater mobility, less muscle tension and more general well-being.

Phase 2: Maintenance

The objective of this second phase is to consolidate the results obtained and maintain the improvement in the health of the spine and the body in general, so that visits can be progressively spaced out. It is important to continue with chiropractic care to preserve what has been achieved and incorporate it as a health routine!

What our customers say

Often our clients tell us how grateful they are, because they really feel listened to, and they receive a natural, non-invasive treatment that gets to the root of their problem and is effective. They often say, “I wish I had come here sooner!” or “Chiropractic has changed my life” or “I recommend chiropractic to everyone.”

In addition, they are surprised by some benefits of chiropractic that they did not expect when they came to the center because, apart from noticing less pain or more mobility and flexibility, many explain that they sleep better or better manage the stress of daily life or have better digestion or get colds less … And, in general, they tell us that they become more aware of their body and their health, so they begin to take more care of themselves, watching their posture, exercising more or even changing their diet. Thus, their quality of life improves noticeably after a short time, and you only have to see the change in their mood and smile after several chiropractic sessions.

We are also delighted to see that more and more clients are choosing to continue to enjoy the benefits of chiropractic with a maintenance plan, and some have been coming to our centers for years because, they tell us, they feel so much better with chiropractic care. 


LinQ Chiropractic Centers in Barcelona


St. Diputació 168
08011 Barcelona
665 602 566


St. Valencia, 308
08009 Barcelona
695 19 78 02


St. Navarra, 66
08320 El Masnou
646 471 754

LinQ Chiropractic Centers in El Vendrell, Tarragona

La Rambla, 10,
Stairs 2, mezzanine floor B
43700 El Vendrell (Tarragona)
606 909 702

Philosophy of our chiropractic centers: in Barcelona & Tarragona

In our centers we maximize the philosophy of chiropractic, according to which it is our own body that has the ability to heal itself: health comes from within. For this it is important to follow healthy habits (good posture, physical activity, good nutrition and rest) and include chiropractic care in our routine, as it balances the nervous system (responsible for the whole body to function in harmony).

We are characterized by putting all our resources and knowledge to make the person not only feel better, but to achieve a change in your life that leads to strengthen their confidence in the great potential of the body when the care is done correctly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about chiropractic

    Who is Chiropractic for?

    For all those who have a spinal column and want to recover or maintain their quality of life. That is, anyone including newborns, pregnant women, athletes or grandparents. Chiropractic can help all of them to live better.

    If you have discomfort and are looking for a solution, or if you have none but want to enhance your well-being and prevent future problems, Chiropractic is for you.

    Find your chiropractor in Barcelona. Call to make your first appointment at any of our LinQ centers. Or if you are in the area of Tarragona, do not hesitate to call our chiropractic center in Tarragona located in the town of El Vendrell).

    Why is Chiropractic so little known in Spain?

    The chiropractic career can be studied in Spain since 2007. For this reason it is not yet well known, as there are currently only 250 chiropractors in the whole country. However, Chiropractic is the most widespread natural health profession in the world. It is established in more than 70 countries and has a collective of approximately 90,000 professionals and a great international recognition, especially in the U.S. and Anglo-Saxon countries.

    If you are thinking of studying chiropractic, we recommend you to visit, in Barcelona, the Barcelona Chiropractic College (BCC) and, in Madrid, the Madrid Chiropractic College (MCC)

    Is it safe to go to a chiropractor?

    Yes, very safe. So much so that every week, from newborns to 99 year olds pass through our centers. Do you think a mother would bring her children if there was any danger? If you have any doubts, we recommend you to visit our TESTIMONIALS page of people who have visited our centers.

    Is the visit to the chiropractor painful?

    No, quite the contrary. The correction is gentle and pleasant. It gives a feeling of relaxation and well-being that can last for several hours after it has been performed.

    What is Chiropractic for?

    Chiropractic helps us to function better in every way. The vast majority of its users feel better, recover faster and minimize the use of medications and surgeries. Many of those who use Chiropractic notice that they manage stress better, have more vitality and enjoy more of their day to day.

    More information

    My daughter has scoliosis, can it be treated with Chiropractic?

    Scoliosis occurs when the spine curves outward and to the side.

    Scoliosis may or may not cause pain, but the negative effects that this type of curvature can cause on our nervous system and overall health are very important. That is why it is essential to see a chiropractor when someone has scoliosis.

    What does the first visit consist of?

    In the first visit we will do a series of tests to see if Chiropractic can help you. For more information, request your First Visit. If you have any questions about your health, you can call any of our centers and we will attend you personally.

    Do you have to take off your clothes to get an adjustment?

    No, it is only necessary to remove your jacket and those objects from your pockets that may be uncomfortable.

    Why are there so many young children and families in your centers?

    An increasing number of families are realizing the benefits of chiropractic and spinal examinations for their young children.

    The chiropractic model for children offers many benefits.

    • Reduced use of antibiotics over the years
    • Fewer allergies and fewer tonsil problems
    • Fewer ear infections

    More about Chiropractic for Children

    What is a chiropractic adjustment? Is it a massage?

    Adjustment is not a massage as it does not work on the muscle. The adjustment is a precise, safe, quick, low-force movement on misaligned vertebrae (or vertebral subluxations) that are affecting the nerves. It is something that only chiropractors do and they have over 150 chiropractic techniques, all of which are aimed at aligning the vertebrae and decompressing the nerves.

    Is it compatible with medications, therapies and treatments?

    Yes, don’t worry. Chiropractors work with safe and natural techniques. We also love to work with other professionals to help you optimize your health in every way.